Virgil Scott, CFRE, FCEP

Virgil-ScottWith more than 17 years of nonprofit foundation leadership experience Virgil Scott, CFRE, FCEP launched Virgil Scott Consulting, Inc. in 2011 with a commitment to serving the nonprofit sector.  His vision is to help nonprofit organizations and leaders achieve their full potential.  More>

Diane M. Scott, Ph.D.

Diane has deep and broad experience in many aspects of organizational development after 17 years in student affairs administration in higher education.  Diane’s philosophy is helping organizations solve problems and reach their goals by assisting clients with learning new problem-solving skills they can use in the future.    More>

Cathy Domsch

Cathy’s passion lies in helping others succeed, individually, and as a team. As an organizational coach, Cathy understands that culture is the work environment of an organization, including mission, vision, core values and clearly communicated goals, roles, responsibilities and expectations of the team.   More>
Chrysanne has a strong interest in rural communities. She believes in the integrity and strength of our rural residents and their opportunities for a solid community, now and in the future.